On The Farm

    Behind the Bottle: From Grape to Glass

    In the heat of the summer, the wine industry is alive with activity. It’s a popular time to visit wineries and enjoy tastings of the latest harvest, but while tastings are always fun and informative, they only provide a very small “taste” of what goes on at the winery year round. Wine has been my passion and profession for over 10 years, and I thought that it would be fun to bring you all on a special kind of tour…

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  • Podcast

    From the Farm

    Kristen sits down with Reg, a semi-retired farmer who moved from Iowa to LA. He shares his thoughts on the changes in farming technology, the expectations of generational farming, the value…

  • From the Root

    What Ramadan Means to Me

    Once a year, Muslims worldwide observe the holy month of Ramadan through prayer and fasting. To some, this might just seem like a period of strict self-discipline, but to me, Ramadan…