A new podcast about food, culture, and conversation around the world. Hosted by Kristen, the creator of HAND + SEED. Listen now to the series promo and our first episode below.


#1: Joanne’s Top 10 International Food Experiences | LISTEN NOW

In our first episode, Kristen sits down with world-traveler and food-lover Joanne to learn about her top 10 international food experiences. From breakfast in Uganda to edible flowers in Tasmania, Joanne takes us on a mouthwatering journey that ends with a surprise treat.

#2: From the Farm with Reg | LISTEN NOW

Kristen sits down with Reg, a semi-retired farmer who made the move from Iowa to LA. He shares his thoughts on the changes in farming technology, the expectations of generational farming, the value of a small-town community, and the differences in rural and urban America.