Summer Terry

  • On The Farm

    Farming and Unearthing Asparagus

    I was in heaven driving to my friend Taylorโ€™s asparagus farm in Yakima Valley, Washington. The morning was sunny and beautiful, nothing like the stormy day prior โ€” typical Yakima spring…

  • ice-wine
    On The Farm

    Ice Ice ‘Wine’ Baby

    Winter in Yakima is awesome. Some people dread the winter months, but for me, itโ€™s the best time of the year. While things may stay a little colder and move a…

  • On The Farm

    Getting Hip to Hops

    Okay, beer lovers โ€“ we all have our favorite styles, from lagers and dunkels to pale ales and stouts, but have you ever considered how your beer is made?…